Still Substitute Teaching

I had a fun spring earlier this year working with some middle school students. The staff in that school were absolutely fabulous! I was able to bring in some of my past technology teacher experience, while adapting my material to middle school students, some of whom have become excellent communicators since I taught them. It was wonderful to hear a boy speak full sentences who used to only say one or two words at a time. A few other students have become proficient with their communication devices. The number of students who can read full paragraphs has also increased. Some kids who used to read paragraphs can now read short stories. It is amazing to see how my old students have progressed. Success like this is why I have not yet completely retired.

All of this means that the updates I want to do to improve this site are happening very slowly. There are many things that I want to fix, but life keeps pulling me in too many directions. I have not forgotten my pledge to fix things and make this site more friendly for mobile devices and screen readers. It is just taking me much more time than I had anticipated.