I Am Remembered!

The school district’s technology office just invited me to a technology meeting. The invitation is pending my principal’s approval, but I feel honored to be asked to attend. If approved, this will be my first technology meeting since I formally retired at the beginning of September in 2021. I am so extremely happy to have been invited that I just cannot contain my enthusiasm. Many of the people my age have also retired, but I will get to see some of the technology coordinators I knew from other schools. I may even get a chance to share my experience with the new generation of school-based technology coordinators.

Of course, I will also learn some new things that I can teach my current and future students as a substitute teacher who continues to focus on technology integration.

I really miss my technology teacher/coordinator days, especially helping teachers and other school staff.


My school’s principal said that I could attend the district’s instructional technology meeting/workshop. I figure that I will probably know about half of the people there and will have the opportunity to work with people who I have not seen in person since before Covid-19 lockdowns. The end of the 2019-2020 and all meetings during the 2020-2021 school year were remote. Some of my favorite people have probably moved on to other duties or retired, but fortunately not everyone. This will be a truly fantastic day filled with renewing acquaintances and learning new skills.

By Jeanne Stork

I am a special education teacher who supervised a technology lab for twenty five years. The lab had specialized software, adapted mice, additional adapted hardware, and picture symbol communication aids for students whose significant disabilities made it difficult for them to use the general computer lab. I taught students who could not climb the stairs to my lab in their classrooms. I also assisted teachers and other personnel in my school with their technology needs as time permitted. Before moving to the technology lab, I was a classroom teacher with a classroom computer that students and staff could use. Now, I am a semi-retired substitute teacher.

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