Assisting Student A with an Interactive Whiteboard Activity Created by Jeanne Stork
Assisting Student A with an Interactive Whiteboard Activity Created by Jeanne Stork

My online portfolio is developed in conjunction with Blue Marble University’s Doctor of Science in Instructional Design and Technology program ( I have included a combination of required assignments and my own ideas as a special education technology teacher. I have two master’s degrees and teaching licenses: special education and instructional technology specialist. Now, I am pleased to have a D.Sc. in Instructional Design and Technology See the from Blue Marble University! About Me page for additional information.

The banner at the top of each page demonstrates my connection to both special education and instructional technology. Additional information can be found at

I am pleased to announce that my dissertation is complete!
The above video is a slide summary of my research paper, Learning Speeds for Mouse and Trackpad in Elementary School Students with Developmental Delays. The full paper is published at The pdf can be viewed directly and downloaded by clicking HERE. Additional information about my dissertation is here on my website.
Crystal Fjord University: My Demonstration Website for Higher Education

I developed a demonstration website for a demonstration university of my own creation. It shows how WordPress can be effectively used by colleges for everything from admitting students to providing instruction. I also have a Discussion menu item for anyone who wants to learn more about the process that I used in making this site. Click on the picture below to look at my Crystal Fjord University demonstration on this picture to go to the Crystal Fjord University website. The picture shows a portion of the landing page, including a river cutting through mountains fjord style.If you need it, the direct link to the demonstration site is

Click on this sentence to go directly to my web page introducing the demonstration site.

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