Substitute Teaching Is Going Well

I have been a substitute teacher for several months and am getting used to my new position and responsibilities. I am going to see if my old iPads are still available. My shoulders and back are not too keen on me dragging the iPads around, but the benefits to my students would be worth the effort. If the iPads are still available and not being used, I will take them back. My original idea was to donate the iPads to my school for the next technology teacher, but I have not seen them in use whenever I am at my old site. I can bring the iPads in for my students whenever I substitute. This would also make my lessons different from the normal routine and interesting for the students. I want the kids to have fun while they learn!

I have discovered that most teachers do not leave lesson plans and materials for the substitute. It is my responsibility to figure out what to do for the day and to keep the students calm and safe. I have had days when everything goes incredibly smoothly and days when my ideas do not work out at all. Over time, and with additional substitute experience, the lessons will become easier for me to teach. I hated being a substitute teacher when I first started teaching, but I can honestly say that it is much easier now.

By Jeanne Stork

I am a special education teacher who supervised a technology lab for twenty five years. The lab had specialized software, adapted mice, additional adapted hardware, and picture symbol communication aids for students whose significant disabilities made it difficult for them to use the general computer lab. I taught students who could not climb the stairs to my lab in their classrooms. I also assisted teachers and other personnel in my school with their technology needs as time permitted. Before moving to the technology lab, I was a classroom teacher with a classroom computer that students and staff could use. Now, I am a semi-retired substitute teacher.

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