Retirement, part one

I am retiring soon. I will miss many of the students and staff members, but it is the right decision for me. The computer lab was closed down due to social distancing rules, so I have been a classroom teacher this school year and summer. I loved being a classroom teacher thirty years ago, but now I feel like it is my past and not what I want for my future. I have not yet decided what I will be doing instead of teaching full time, but I am in no hurry. I am sure that when I am ready to return to work I will find something part time. I hope to be done with full time work, but I will see what the future brings when it happens.

Ms. Jeanne, the technology teacher, taught students with a wide range of abilities. Sometimes, it would take several years to get someone to gently touch the screen of an iPad to make something happen in a cause and effect or sensory app. No, iPads are not chewy/poundy toys. Other times, students learn to complete reading assignments and special projects on the computer with assistance and special scaffolding as needed. Regardless of the circumstances, I have many years worth of memories to make me smile.

Sure, most roses have prickles, but they are still beautiful. My students were a wide variety of roses. Most of them had prickles of one sort or another, but all of my former students brought joy into my life.